Saturday, March 14, 2015


I'm sorry for the last post....sometimes this whole damned thing just seems so pointless and cruel. The shrink said I should just let the emotions happen and put it all down on paper. Apparently, it "helps the healing process along" or some other such BS, but I figure if Alden says it works, I may as well give this a try. Now I know what you're thinking, I'll probably end up one of them blasted Bible thumping rights without a dime because they gave it all to the crooked preacher man down the road, but it's not like that. Jim may not be that extreme, but he is the real deal, right or wrong.

Conversational english in a journal like this might just be a nice look for me. But where was I? Ahh yes....Jake. The tape they sent us was cruel. How people watch movies where this kind of stuff happens, that's just beyond me. So what have I been doing? Looking for an angle. Ocelot is still isn't finished, but now I'm, shall I say, motivated to find Jake and see for myself what we're in for. Pryme got away and so did his flunky "artisan", but there aren't many places deep enough to hide.

In circles I follow, I always find that secrets are best kept in the open, that's why I call my projects something here and something else at the office.....keeps my work safe. It also helps to have an ace in the hole, hence the overtime. Someday, I'll write down what this thing actually does and is, but right now, things with the higher-ups have asked me to keep quiet, even from myself, can you believe that? Boy, are there some paranoid people.

About a week ago, I wrestled with the interface, but everything- *sigh* I said I wouldn't do that, but I almost spoiled the surprise. So what CAN I talk about? Abigail....I san start there, maybe. Truth be told, she's the only bright spot in my life aside from my work. I miss her, which kinda sounds strange, considering she just left about an hour ago, but she's amazing and she can't even see it, which, I must admit, I find kinda sweet. At least she's started allowing me to compliment her....that's a start. That wasn't always the case.

If I could book her line up of ex boyfriends, I'd pick up personally and take a piece out of 'em all, or maybe see what the Throne could do to people who DO deserve that kind of treatment instead of heroes. At least she came to the conclusion after asking her out nearly a dozen times that resistence is futile....gotta love the Borg philosophy to dating. Is 12 dozen roses a bit over the top? The bill might have been almost half of my check for the pay period including delivery, but her face was priceless, or at least that's what my binoculars told me. What can I say? She inspires me to be something better; to make her life more simple, not more complicated. Complicated sucks....and you can quote me on that.

The gala is this coming weekend, so at least I'll have some thing write about....provided she accepts the invite. Seemed fitting for a first date.

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