Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Research and Progress

The past two entries here have been a bit aloof, I know, but there is so much to recall and, at times, I forget some of the details others might have kept closely guarded. Whatever the case, I suppose in the writing of this journal, it does me little good to keep my name hidden....I'm Jarod Cross. Since my title hasn't been established, at least not as of this post, I think it best to keep my status to myself. Suffice it to say that the city of Onyx is now in the business of research and development. Why? Now THAT, is the question of the day and one I don't delve into all at once.

They keep telling me not to clam up and to just get everything out on paper, so to speak, and as I do, new things will creep into the narrative and unbury important information we can eventually use. Here's hoping. I've been swimming in the paperwork of this monster tribe for almost a year and it's still as tough to believe that the cult lasted this long, even if underground.

Someday, I'll have to do a paper on the cult and their role in the history of this island, but for now, I should simply stick to what I know in short. Over 500 years ago, this nation was split in two by civil and religious disputes. The patriarch of the nation was driven to separate the island in half after being routed by his sons, who then founded a brand new empire. The king dabbled in dark and arcane arts and all sorts of "magical" things, things that demanded a level of cruelty be carried out in his lands, which didn't sit well with his sons.....so they left and, in the pursuit, a clan of religious zealots called "The King's Throne" were dispatched and eventually defeated by the brothers, but apparently not all members of this sect were dealt the death blow, else I'd have some other kind of occupational pursuits, if you'll take my meaning. In any case, there's still a great deal we can't answer from the final war, most of which will only come out if we ever get our hands on one of the Throne's members, however many there might be.

In spite of the things I DO know about the Throne, I've decided that all parts of my REFUGE project, including Ocelot, will move forward. In addition, I think it best to tell my best friend Jim about this....with all the rage and impatience bubbling to the surface, I need someone to help keep me grounded. Normally, I'd consider Abigail, but after last night's little scuffle with her ex, I think she might be the last person who would want to hear about my little insurance policy....especially when she finds out what it will demand from me. Maybe one day I'll tell her, but for now, I just need to give her some space.

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