Friday, March 6, 2015

From the Beginning....

So....where to begin...Jake? No, Abigail. Maybe Forest?

*sigh* This thing, this nightmare went into overdrive only a couple of years ago. I hid the plans for Ocelot carefully and now it's all gone sideways. Maybe if I had closed the ranks in the raid, Jake might not have--

I can't think like this, it doesn't do any good to ANYONE if I think like this. Okay....from the top....

Just this week, I recovered a piece of information I couldn't wrap my head around. A hard drive, all but fried after the raid I led on what was SUPPOSED to house an archive. In the most simple terms I can relate, this archive, from what my sources and research could gather, contained a history of an ancient cult that had gone underground nearly 500 years ago in the aftermath of a war that split this nation into two separate provinces. It didn't. It held something I still can't shake.

I'm a professional. I am. I'm supposed to be able to see almost anything and plan out the next move without emotion clouding my judgment, but this was different. This was personal. I've been told to keep this journal to just let things out as they come to me....getting started has been the hardest part in all this.

Jake was my partner. We had each other's backs, we were brothers in this fight....and they took it from him....from me. What kind of psychopath would film his undoing? They took him apart. He begged and pleaded, but they didn't care. They took everything from him and laughed as they did it, leaving only a shell, a vessel. THEY DIDN'T CARE! For HOURS, they cut and prodded and hacked and replaced him with something else. They called his tormentor "Eclipse" or "the artisan", but he was a sadistic, masochistic, evil, unfeeling monster. I can't do this anymore....

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